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"When your animal friend hurts, emotionally or physically, you can feel helpless. I understand and my process will create healing for all involved".


Sessions and Prices


I do hands on healing, or hands off energy healing and I also assist in the passing over ritual when the animals time has come to leave the earth. Read more about the passing over ritual in the FAQ.




What happens in a hand on/off energy healing session?


First we all hang out and the human and I chat and get comfortable. There is no typical session as we are all unique however it goes something like this.

I get acquainted with what seems to be going on and observe your friend (the human and the animal)

I may ask to see the animal move or just let it do it's thing for a bit as I watch and they get to feel me.

Sometimes animals will act like I am their best friend in the world and can't wait for me to touch them, and they will "tell" me with their bodies exactly where the problems are.

Other times they may be shy or even scared if they sense my abilities and may take a bit longer to settle down.

The have been very rare times when the pet wanted to have nothing to do with me touching them but were happy to have me be near and work with them hands off.

The best thing the human can do is to relax, not help unless I ask, and allow your friend and I to have our session as it unfolds. People get anxious to make sure their pet is well behaved or is doing the right thing.

I have found most animals are happy with about 1/2 hr, though I booked an hour for the first session to get to know everyone.

You will observe the animal relax and go through many different phases as we work together. You will visibly see changes in behavior, mannerism and even physical.

The humans have told me they also get benefits from the session on their animals.

At times I work with you both if there is an issue the human is creating with the animal.

Your pet will let me know when they have had enough and you will notice that as well. I have worked with some animals as little as 5 minutes and as much as an hour.

Usually as your friend gets to know me the sessions get faster as they understand how to help me get them the help they need.

I may give you homework to do, and may show you how to do specific things to keep things going.

Sometimes we only need one session and chronic cases may take more, your animal friend will show us what is needed.


At my place, Skype or remote

First session 1 hour - $125

1/2 hr sessions- $87

5 - 1/2 hr session pre-paid -$385

10 - 1/2 hr sessions pre-paid- $750


Your location- prices above + travel rate

I will travel internationally


Emergency sessions - $125 to $250 (may be travel charges involved)


I take credit cards, checks from regular clients, and of course cash.

Contact me to set an appointment.



There are times I barter and I do work with people in serious need, please ask if you need help and understand I may not be able to work with you right then depending on the amount of giving back I am doing at the time.








"Our dog was in so much distress and we hated to keep him medicated all the time. Our friends told us about Tanja"s "magic" touch and we are so thrilled. She is amazing! "

- Jack and Molly- Seattle